The establishment of the company and the beginning

Frigo Plus was founded in 2000, primarily as a wholesaler of components for refrigeration and air conditioning technology. From the very beginning, the strategic choice Frigo Plus was cooperation with leading suppliers of high-quality components for the refrigeration and air conditioning technology. At the same time we started cooperation with service technicians and installers of refrigeration. Apart from quality components, we offered them full technical support in terms of proper selection of components and producing complete simple technical solutions.

Thanks to strategic commitment to collaborate with suppliers of quality components, on the one hand and to work with local installers on the other hand, Frigo Plus achieved the rapid growth at annual rates of over 30%. Of course, all this has been possible thanks to highly qualified, experienced and motivated Frigo Plus employees, who are top experts in the field of refrigeration.

The Beginning of production

Since 2002, due to the large interest of our customers, we started assembling condensing units and other simple machines for refrigeration. Soon, we created the whole project and started of production RACK's compressor units (multi sets). Only after a couple of months from the start of production we have become local leaders in RACK's compressor units with a market share between 30% and 40% on the Croatian territory. Only a few years later, we have become market leaders and in Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Today there is almost no city in those three countries in which Frigo Plus has at least one of his unit installed in the store, supermarket, food and pharmaceutical industries, meat processing industry and fish or logistic warehouses and distribution centers.

Forming technical - design office

The next important step in the development of Frigo Plus was the decision to form a complete technical - design office. That office, made up of young and professional engineers, has allowed Frigo Plus to make complete projects of complex cooling plants. These include projects of complete electric power projects, as well as projects of microprocessor control cooling system including the most advanced BMS (Building Management System) solutions. The mission of the technical and the design office is to create a modern, highly energy-efficient and cost effective technical solutions.

Strategic selection of natural refrigerants in refrigeration

In the last ten years are happening extremely dynamic changes in the world of refrigeration. This is primarily related to the environmental acceptability of refrigerants and the energy efficiency of the complete system of refrigeration. The new EU directive (F-gas and ERP) have brought new challenges for the Frigo Plus technical - design office.

The long-term Frigo Plus strategic goal is selection of natural refrigerants in refrigeration systems which are environmentally friendly and highly energy-efficient. Expect that we use natural refrigerants and high-efficiency EC electric motors, we also pay a lots of attention to smart control systems for refrigeration plants. By combining the application of the natural refrigerants, high-efficient EC electric motors and intelligent microprocessor control we have achieved that our products and complete plants are environment friendly (F-gas), economical and high efficient throughout the year and during the hot summer days (full load) but also in the rest of the year (partial load).

Today, Frigo Plus is a pioneer and a leader in the development and production of propane (R290) chillers. We follow world trends in the use of CO2 as a cooling medium in the refrigeration and produce subcritical and transcritical RAKS compressor unit.

We use top quality technology EC motor drives of reputable manufacturers and microprocessor control personalized for each individual application. When creating technical solutions we investe great effort that this solution be acceptable to a wider range of end users, installers and service. This means that they are easy to install, use and maintain.

Quality policy

The quality of our product guarantee Frigo Plus quality system:

ISO 9001;2008; assigned from: TQV Certification Services
Modul A2 – Monitoring of Final Assessment according to directive 97/23/EC; assigned from TUV Croatia.

The future of Frigo Plus


Wholesale of the components

Select components of top quality, energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and economically optimal. To offer our customers (installers and repairers) full technical support in the selection of components and the availability of most of the key components in stock Frigo Plus.


Production of refrigeration units

All products for all applications need to be working with natural media (NATURAL) and with superior energy-efficient components and optimized microprocessor control (SMART). All products must have high grades of energy efficiency. Energy efficiency must be high in full as well at part (parcial) load.


Production of complete technical solutions for complex cooling systems - Engineering

Complex technical cooling technology solutions for industrial applications must be oriented to natural refrigerants (NATURAL). All components are designed to be of top quality and best energy efficiency. Industrial refrigeration installations must be extremely reliably, environmentally friendly, energy efficient and simple to use and maintain.