Development of the project from the initial idea to commissioning

For Frigo Plus ENGINEERING means a complete service of development project from the initial idea through implementation of project to commissioning and handover of the plant to the investor.

Modern refrigeration plants require a high degree of professional engineering knowledge, experience in the installation of these facilities, and good knowledge of the legislation at the local and EU level.

Frigo Plus, to the investor in the refrigeration system helps in the analysis and selection of the necessary cooling technology, taking into account the energy efficiency and environmental compatibility.

Energy efficiency and eco-friendliness is prescribed with a number of EU and local laws and norms.

After proper selection of technology for the refrigeration system follows the preliminary design and then detailed project implementation. In the design phase, we select technical solutions and equipment that meets high quality criteria, energy efficiency and environmental acceptability.

Detailed implementation project is the precondition for successful and efficient installation of refrigeration equipment. Frigo Plus team for assembly is extremely experienced and has numerous references. Team for assembly is composed of top professionals who have all the necessary approvals required for the installation of specific equipment, welding and soldering pipes and handling of various traditional and natural refrigerants.

Final goal of engineering for Frigo Plus is professional commissioning, bringing the cooling system in the design conditions, staff training and handover the system to the investor.

Commercial Refrigeration

Commercial refrigerators

Commercial Refrigeration represents an important part of the overall sector of refrigeration and this segment is extremely important for Frigo Plus. Frigo Plus is for years a leader in this area. New technologies and technical improvements were responsible for the great success in the past. The challenges of the future are environmentally friendly and energy efficiency. The experience and innovation for Frigo Plus team guarantee consolidating the leading position in this area.

This area represent the production of small cold rooms and delivery, installation and maintenance of refrigerated showcases, freezers and refrigerators in food stores. With store chains and the smaller individual trade companies we make contracts for the installation, maintenance and servicing of refrigeration in stores. In cooperation with manufacturers of rRefrigerated showcases we offer our customers the optimum choice of commercial refrigeration equipment.

Also, install monitoring systems with an Internet connection which giving access, control and monitoring parameters of the cooling system. Remote control systems, expect for parameters recording also allow the reception of daily notification of failures or unauthorized deviation parameters of cooling system. This enables earlier detection of errors and reduce the cost of servicing.

Warehouse positive temperature regime

Warehouse positive temperature regime

Storage of this type are intended for storing food products for the needs of producers, processinf industry, distributors and shopping centers. In such warehouses is installed modern equipment, customized to customer requirements, which provides:

  • The optimum measuring and control of temperature and humidity
  • The corresponding number of air changes
  • Transmittance of storage space
  • Preserving the necessary products humidity
  • Adjusting the logistics requirements of the facility (transport routes, packaging, racking systems)

Warehouse negative temperature regime

Commercial refrigerators

In chambers for storage of frozen products is essential an appropriate cooling system and quality performance insulation with emphasis on:

  • Prevention of thermal bridges
  • Vapor barrier
  • The right choice of cooling doors
  • Heating the critical elements (doors, drop condensate etc.).


Logistic centers

Logistic centers

Nutritional value of food products is largely dependent on the method of storage products on the way to the end user. On this way a very important role have cooling systems that take care of the maintenance of specific temperature in logistics centers for distribution of chilled and frozen foods.

Frigo Plus d.o.o. allows you to counseling services when selecting and installing refrigeration systems. Compliance with legal norms regarding the use of refrigerants and energy efficiency are imperative for Frigo Plus. In this way, the selected system is a guarantee of proper functioning of the system, as well as the quality of food storage to distribution.

Cooling in meat industry

Meat refrigeration

High demands for quality food and a strict veterinary terms require the installation of high-quality refrigeration equipment. Our rules and guidelines are, choose and properly install an adequate cooling system that allows the set of technological parameters, thus maintaining the quality of meat and meat products.

Cooling in fish industry

Fish refrigeration

High quality requirements of fish and fish products and a strict veterinary terms require the installation of high-quality refrigeration equipment. Our policy and target are selected and properly installed the appropriate cooling system that allows the set of technological parameters, thus maintaining the quality of fish and fish products.

Cooling in bakeries and confectionery

Bakery refrigeration

Cooling systems in bakery and confectionery help achieve better quality bakery products and reducing the impact of time after the basic production for sale and the quality of the final product. We offer a large selection of refrigeration systems for all temperature ranges with moisture control.

Cooling in the dairy industry

Milk refrigeration

The efficiency of production of dairy products depends on properly selected refrigeration system. The use of appropriate cooling system ensures optimal cooling power and the desired temperature of the cooling water and the final product at all times. This technology often requires the installation of a bank of ice that further increase the energy efficiency of the entire cooling system.

Tunnels for quick freezing (flow and batch tunnels)

Flow and batch tunnels

The modern way of processing of fresh food products requires a deep freeze. Tunnel Freezer are manufactured as standalone units or as part of the entire cold storage. Creating tunnels is specific in terms of the type of food that is frozen. The tunnels have different capacities and sizes, depending on your needs, adapted to the type, quantity and time of the freeze.

Cooling in technological processes

Technological process cooling

By installing cooling systems, cooling towers or evaporative condensers is provided efficient cooling of refrigerants at different temperature regimes. Systems that are installed optimal energy consuming, quiet work and the low exploitation costs.