Production of refrigeration units

Frigo Plus exists more than 15 years on the local and regional markets as a manufacturer of refrigeration equipment for commercial and industrial refrigeration. In some market segments Frigo Plus is the absolute leader and in the other has a significant market share.

Frigo Plus has its own technology for the sheet metal casing, attested welding, soldering and pipe bending technology(PED 97/23 / EC), its own workshop for production of electrical cabinet and a modern test station for testing the quality of manufactured devices.

Traditional refrigerant units with HFC as refrigerant

Frigo Plus products cover a wide range of refrigeration units with direct expansion of refrigerant, traditional condensing units, modular condensing units with one compressor in a closed tin casing for outdoor installation and RACK-s units without built-in condenser for installation in the engine room and with a built-in condenser for outdoor installation. These types of products are available to work with most of the available HFC fluids.

Modern refrigeration units with natural refrigerants (SMART & NATURAL COOLING)

The Frigo Plus long-term goal is that all products for all applications should be available in a version with natural refrigerants (NATURAL) and have the most energy efficient components and optimized microprocessor control (SMART). All products must have high energy efficiency grades. Energy efficiency has to be high for a full and partial load.

Cooling units with direct expansion of refrigerant used natural working fluid CO2 (R744). Frigo Plus produces RACK-s in the sub-critical (subcritical) mode with embedded cascade condenser, which can be for direct expansion of another refrigerant or can be cooled with water-glycol mixture.

Cooling units fro indirect cooling are using propane (R290) as a refrigerant. These devices cool water or a mixture of glycol and water (water chillers), and can have air or water cooled condenser. Propane (R290) is a natural refrigerant, which has excellent thermodynamic characteristics and enables a wide range of temperature regimes applications from - 35 °C to + 20 °C.

Frigo Plus propane (R290) chillers can work in a cascade system with CO2 subcritical RACK-s stations what makes the most modern long-term environmentally friendly solutions, which are at the same time high energy efficient. In the full sense of the word: SMART & NATURAL COOLING.